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Terms Of Use

Delivery time is approximately 14-16 weeks.

Table tops and bases will be delivered unassembled. Assembly is the customer’s responsibility.

Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.

Mertson Design is not responsible for orders produced according to incorrect details or requests given by the customer. Mertson Design is responsible for the delivery of the product in full accordance with the product specifications in the order.

If the product cannot be delivered within the stated delivery time due to extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. and said delay exceeds seven working days, Mertson Design must inform the buyer about the delay.

The buyer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal in the case of a product which was produced in accordance with the special requests and demands of the buyer.

Product Care Instructions

Avoid scratching with hard or sharp objects such as a knife, fork, penknife, etc.

Keep products from direct sunlight or very high temperatures.

To clean, use a soft microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning product. Dry afterward.

Do not use any strong chemical cleaners made for kitchen or bathroom use on our epoxy, wood, and metal parts.

Specialized cleaning products are available for sale from Mertson Design.

Do not expose epoxy surfaces to direct heat such as from hot mugs, pots, or kettles. We recommend using a coaster or trivet.

If you scratch or otherwise experience issues with your product, you can reach out with pictures of the furniture to

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